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    Solar Panels at ALL Locations

Blake’s Auto Body is a Green Business

Protecting the environment is a high priority for Andros and Blake’s Auto Body. In 1999, he built his corporate headquarters solar powered. It was the largest privately owned solar powered building in Northern California, and the first commercial net-metered project in the United States.

We are proud to be one of the first in Northern California to use Waterborne Paints. Less than 1% of collision repair facilities in the USA are utilizing Waterborne Paints. The Waterborne system blends paints with water as opposed to chemical solvents. When the paints are sprayed and dried, they emit water into the air instead of chemicals.

We filter all paint areas so paint residue turns into solids and go into the proper disposal.

All of our waste water is filtered before it goes into the sewer line. There is no water from a Blake’s location going into any storm drains, etc.

All our locations recycle card board, paper, plastics, etc.

In 2008 Andros also made his Novato facility and his home solar powered. All his solar decisions were made two fold, as a business investment and for social responsibility. “It was the right thing to do.” All four of our locations currently have solar panels in place.


Dear Readers,

Our primary goal is the safety of our team, customers, relationships, and community. While closely monitoring the information and updates from the various health and safety departments Blake’s has daily team meetings. We also implemented the following safety procedures:

  • Our team wears masks
  • Anyone entering the office is requested to wear a mask
  • Estimates are done outside. Customers can stay inside their vehicle.
  • Every vehicle gets wiped down with sanitizer when dropped off for a repair
  • Every vehicle gets sanitized again after the repair is completed

We understand your comfort level is key so also offer the option of complete touch-less vehicle estimates and/or repairs:

  • The initial estimate can be done on-line
  • An estimate can be scheduled for our estimator to meet you outside the office
  • For an estimate and/or repair the vehicle can be dropped off in front of our office, and the keys dropped in the key drop (this can be done during or after hours). This must be scheduled so we are expecting the keys.
  • Paperless transactions: We are able to email estimates for approval and authorization paperwork
  • Payments can be done virtually over the phone

Please feel free to call us to schedule your estimate and/or repair at this time or for a future date. We are here to make sure your vehicle is safe and accessible at all times, and are happy to help with any auto related questions.

All the best to you and yours,
Marc S. Sebastian, CEO