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    Solar Panels at ALL Locations

Blake’s Auto Body is a Green Business

Protecting the environment is a high priority for Andros and Blake’s Auto Body. In 1999, he built his corporate headquarters solar powered. It was the largest privately owned solar powered building in Northern California, and the first commercial net-metered project in the United States.

We are proud to be one of the first in Northern California to use Waterborne Paints. Less than 1% of collision repair facilities in the USA are utilizing Waterborne Paints. The Waterborne system blends paints with water as opposed to chemical solvents. When the paints are sprayed and dried, they emit water into the air instead of chemicals.

We filter all paint areas so paint residue turns into solids and go into the proper disposal.

All of our waste water is filtered before it goes into the sewer line. There is no water from a Blake’s location going into any storm drains, etc.

All our locations recycle card board, paper, plastics, etc.

In 2008 Andros also made his Novato facility and his home solar powered. All his solar decisions were made two fold, as a business investment and for social responsibility. “It was the right thing to do.” All four of our locations currently have solar panels in place.


Blake’s Auto Body Will Remain Open

As many of you are aware the county of Marin and the county of Sonoma, as well as many surrounding counties, have requested all non-essential business to close. Auto repair is seen as an essential business, therefore Blake’s Auto Body will remain open. We are here to get you back in your vehicles as fast as possible so that you can go to doctor appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies and those who are still working your jobs.

Please feel free to call your local Blake’s Auto Body to get the most current information regarding a repair. Please remain safe and healthy during this time.

All the best,

Blake’s Auto Body